Monday, September 16, 2013

Gifted with a Grant!

Last spring, my special education co-teacher and I wrote a grant for 17 Google Chromebooks for the classroom, and we were gifted with it! $5000 from the Eastview Community Foundation, which is a local foundation at one of the high schools in our district. Our tech ladies ordered them over the summer and delivered them TODAY all labeled and ready to go!
Here are the 17 charged and set! A tablet/laptop cart should be ordered soon...our principal agreed to pay for it with site council money. Until then, they are not hooked to their cables and are on this cart. We'll make do!

Here's a close up of one with my Moodle page on it! 

We are pretty darn excited! 

We also wrote a NEA Student Achievement Grant for another set of 17, but we haven't heard yet. The grantees were supposed to be notified by September 15th, but the 15th was yesterday, a Sunday, so ??? Online or by mail ??? Not sure.

Anyway, I was also busy using my doc camera today to do some guided Cornell notes on the article The Guys Who Got Bin Laden (Scholastic Scope.) Here's a shot of that!

Have you seen this horrifyingly awesome Cornell notes take on California Girls?? My ears are a little sore from listening to it all day, but still...props for doing this! ;) I showed this one before and this one afterward!

And two more for good measure...a slice of my back counter with a dish rack for files with mazes, coloring sheets, etc. for my homeroom kids (may be used to hold some of the Chromebooks until our cart comes!) and a shot of the purpose poster I made for the year.

And let's see if this PPT for Writing Long off of a Post-it (which we call Read, Record, and Respond...)

That's all for now :)

Happy teaching,


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