Monday, September 2, 2013


You know that anxious feeling...the one before the day of school???  Yep. I knew you did! 

Tomorrow most of Minnesota goes back to school.  The Great Minnesota Get Together (State Fair) has wrapped up, and autumn is on. 

Here are some photos from my room before we launch!

Happy teaching, Michelle :)

Thrifted comic books...can never have too many!

Some monster signs I made to put into the IKEA Tolsby frames :)

My new welcome white board!  6.50 thrifted frame + white board
from Home Depot.  Thanks to my husband!!
My room from the entry
Home Depot aprons as book holders & Tolsby monster signs, too.
Treats at Izzy's in St. Paul before bed time.
Any my 5 yr old starts Kindergarten tomorrow... :)

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