Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sticks in the Fire

You ever feel like you have too many sticks in the fire, and it's not even the start of the school year yet?  Do I know who I'm asking?? Of course you do.

The past few days I have found myself jumping around from planning, to creating visuals, to working on our OLWEUS anti-bullying curriculum, to trying to sort files I brought home, to trying to get out the door with my boys before the summer is over, to trying not to feel guilty for working so much right now...and it feels like too many sticks in the fire.  Well, maybe not too many, but a whole lot. 

I keep telling myself that the more I plan and prepare right now, the more smoothly the school year will run, the less stress and anxiety I'll have, the better my students will understand what we are doing.

I've also been trying to finish some visuals and activities because my 7th grade English colleague, Carly (well, she teaches 8th grade English, too), is coming over tomorrow afternoon for a paid half-day of inquiry-based planning.

Which reminds me...we got an email about job openings for ELA: one lead teacher per grade, 6-12, to get extra professional development on inquiry-based teaching and lead the district at pertinent grade level in inquiry-based planning, meetings, etc.

I'm applying!  

It's a stipended position, at about $5000 a year.  Kind of like coaching as I'd have my regular teaching duties (if I were to be hired for it, that is!)  

I'm excited to (apply to) do something for the district.  I'll be starting my 15th year, and I know the 7th grade ELA teachers pretty well--a great group overall. And I've always felt strongly about strengthening the profession, so I think this is a pretty cool opportunity.

Anyway, I am in the midst of working on some more visuals before Carly comes over tomorrow (and during time I can...when the boys are tucked into bed!)  I thought I'd share some posters I just made (well, designed...we will get them printed and laminated at school.) I've also been working to improve the "Seventh Grade" and "Names/Nombres" vocabulary activities as well as create some for a Navy SEALs article we read around September 11th.

To those of you back in workshops or starting with kids this week, I hope all is going well!!  Sorry I missed the blog hop that a lot of you are room isn't together yet, and I'm still trying to be a mom (mostly!) so I missed the memo and didn't post until today.  I'll try to hop on some of those weekly things (which I love to read about!) sooner than later!

Happy teaching!


Below are the new posters I worked on in the last hour.  There is another "Our Purpose" that has "Skills We Are Learning" but it wouldn't load...working on getting Picasa set up as I type :)


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